• After Sale Service
Return Method
  • Can be returned directly to the company or delivered through private transport to the company within 7 days from the date of receipt.
Return Terms
  • The product must be complete. If the product is damaged or has been used. The fault of the buyer, the company reserves the right to change or return the product
How to register a warranty card
  • กรอกรายละเอียดลงบนบัตรรับประกันให้ครบถ้วน หรือลงทะเบียนรับประกันสินค้าผ่านทางออนไลน์ [คลิกที่นี่]
  • Keep your receipt as a proof of purchase
  • When the item has problems. Always bring your warranty card and receipt or proof of purchase. To get service
Warranty Terms
  • 1 year period
  • The company will exchange spare parts without any charge. If the part is damaged. This is due to the standard production error. Or defective parts.
  • This warranty does not cover faulty products or parts. Damaged due to usage
  • Accident, fire, overcharge, natural disasters, misuse, damage from transportation, lack of maintenance, neglect, The details in the instruction manual.
  • Repairs or alterations or modifications of equipment or parts within the Product by unauthorized third parties. Approved by the Company
  • Warranty expires immediately. When the card expires. Warranty card is scratched, erased, or modified. Messages in different ways
  • Warranty is only for spare parts that are damaged. It does not include cleaning fee, check condition of customer's request.
  • Warranty: Used in Thailand only. Display the warranty card and receipt at the service center. Every time Products
  • การรับประกันนี้ ไม่ครอบคลุม ถึงสินค้าหรือชิ้นส่วนที่บกพร่อง ชำรุดเสียหายอันเนื่องจากการใช้งาน
  • If the warranty card is lost, the company reserves the right not to issue a new one. The receipt can be used instead of the lost warranty card.
  • MITSUTA Electric reserves the right to change any terms. Warranty is provided without prior notice.